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    Sexy Science

    Who says technologies that make sense have to be boring? There are a lot of technologies and products out there that are clever, ground-breaking, ingenious, well-designed, good value for money, available, accessible and profitable. The list goes on. Welcome to the future of accessible, affordable and still profitable science. Welcome to the future of Sexy Science.

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    Organised Chaos

    Chaos breeds creativity while management requires order. The magic lies in balancing curiosity with prudence so that creativity is not killed by bureaucracy and micro-management but supported by good and sensible planning.

  • big bang_02

    Boom Bang Approach To Great Events

    A great event starts with a bang... and the bang keeps getting louder. A magical event defies pattern, dishing out surprises where normal events wrap-up the show and enriches the experience with creative ideas that pleases the senses without breaking the purse. Are you ready for the next Big Bang?

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    Visual Communication

    A picture paints a thousand words but a video leaves you with one word: “Aha!“. We have an attention span of 8 seconds (a goldfish has 9 seconds!) but spend an average of 2.7 minutes watching a single internet video. Our retention rate jumps from 10% (only oral communication) to 65% if visual aids are used. Discover the artist in you, paint a picture today!

Our World

We are business incubators specialised in integrated marketing and sales, with first-hand business experience from Asia and Europe. If you need a good sparring partner to enter a new market, launch a new product or simply to tap into our network of specialists, we’ll be happy to hear from you.
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