Herbert-Wallbrecher-School – Tanzania

Herbert-Wallbrecher-School - Tanzania

Since 2011, INTIGREATOR has been supporting the GIZ school project in Mikese/Tanzania, which was set up for the caring and education of children aged 3-12 years.

Much has been achieved since the school started running its kindergarten, pre-school and primary school in 2009.

The boarding school for girls, which is a part of the Herbert-Wallbrecher-School, is now finished and offers up to 20 girls the possibility of receiving intensive education, especially since the girls’ families live in unsafe environments or at remote outstations.

Take, for example, the twins Veronica and Generosa of the Ndege Ulaya family. The girls were attending a primary school located quite a great distance from home when they received scholarships to attend the boarding school in Mikese. Since joining the boarding school, the girls have settled in well into the boarding community. Although the boarding school is like a big family, the students are also trained to be independent like learning how to do laundry, cooking and cleaning up as well as accepting oneself and how to properly and confidently deal with each other.

English courses were also organised for the teachers of the Herbert-Wallbrecher-School.

In the coming year, we will continue our support for the school with further donations.

Projects planned for 2013 are:

  • A vegetable garden to achieve a self-sufficient supply of food
  • An additional rainwater cistern for the irrigation of the garden
  • Additional training for teachers
  • Paving the school entrance
  • Parking space for bicycles
We look forward to reporting on their progress in the coming year.