Corporate & Promotional Videos

Project Description:

Studies have shown that three days after an event, people retain 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, and 65% from a visual and oral presentation. Just as our audience have learned new ways to receive, absord and retain information, the way we communicate must also evolve.

We won’t pretend to be experts in every field but we can claim to have an extensive network of expert partners. With their support, we can conceive and produce sophisticated moving-image and digital-media solutions in the corporate communications sector – from digital film to 3D animations. This results in image films, cinema commercials, product films, project documentaries and branded entertainment formats.

If you should require it, we assume control of entire projects and, of course, all tasks relating to production: finding ideas, developing concepts, planning and implementing the shooting, the composition and the post-production.

Our partners are indeed experts in their industry, having learned their trade with leading agencies, TV stations, movie producers, radio stations and newspapers. Moving images are specially developed and produced, tailored to the cultures of target markets. We think internationally and produce locally.

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