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 Libify Technologies GmbH
Market Entry, Sales & Distribution, Start-up Project
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GEOCARE® is a smart device that offers peace of mind. This emergency and tracking device comes with full GPS functions backed by a comprehensive management system.

GEOCARE® is suitable for all ages. We all want to enjoy our lives without limitations but there is still a chance that each of us can get into difficulties and will rely on immediate help. Be it children, athletes, the chronically ill, the elderly or the lone worker.

With the assistance of GEOCARE ®, help is only a push of a button away. Emergency calls can even be placed automatically if need be.

The feature-rich functions of GEOCARE ® enables the immediate location of a person in distress, such as precise positioning via GPS, geo-fencing zone management, communication and remote control via SMS, high-resolution speaker system, wrist-worn emergency button.

Experience complete freedom with maximum security with GEOCARE ®.

Libify Technologies GmbH is the company behind GEOCARE ®. INTIGREATOR is acting as the business development and sales partner of Libify Technologies for the Asia Pacific market.

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