Project Description:

A customisable location-based service that helps people and businesses create local market apps to connect people to the places, events, promotions around them.

Print Media have long been the primary source of place, event and promotion information but it’s failing globally in a big way as online advertising rises. Existing digital advertising platforms, however, are doing a poor job of representing relevant location-based information to users in a curated, usable state. Consumers, as a result, are suffering due to bad information (inaccurate place data), loss of local business insight, and the age of the mega-systems (Google, Foursquare, Yelp!, etc.).

HiPlaces aims at providing an open, easy method for local print media’s transition into the digital world by capitalising on local print magazines and newspapers’ knowledge and relationships with their local market. We aim to enable these small organizations (or even single-person companies) to compete with industry behemoths (like Google) by offering a competitive technology with little to no cost of adoption. HiPlaces will give LBS users (smart phone users) a better and more varied choice of LBS providers thus enriching their experience.

HiPlaces is an INTIGREATOR-managed incubation project.

For more information, please contact us here.