Why Us

Do you have any questions? How can we help you?
Here are some questions that we frequently had from clients before they started cooperating with us.

Where do I meet my audience?
Our world is changing constantly. Therefore you need to be on the pulse. We have an international network of research partners who support us - especially at the local markets. And we have a suite of tools that will identify exactly those people who are interested in your product, service or idea. It's no longer the mass that counts - it's the quality of a contact. Turn your contacts into fans!
I have a project, but no plan. Where do I begin?
If you have a project or a simple idea - we'll help you bring it to life. With a proven track record in scenario planning and project management, we can either act as your external project management team or we can educate and train your own team and make them fit for your business. Most importantly: you can concentrate on the most important thing - the sales lead.
Is there a market for my idea?
Did anyone really need a smart phone before they came on the market? Simply said: even if nobody needs your idea or product right now, there could definitely still be a market for it. It's about generating demand for and creating attraction to your product by using innovative creativity. We believe in what we call Brand Value Engineering – seeing things that others don't see and making it happen. If you want to know more about it, just let us know.
My company is established in Asia. How do I enter Europe?
We know how both the Western and Eastern worlds tick. With our co-operation partner based in Munich, we're building the bridge between the worlds with a deep understanding of the fields we are concentrating on in both markets and an appreciation for different business cultures. If you are interested to get to know more, we can make an appointment during our partner's next visit in Shanghai.
Are Renewable Energies only a hype?
No. People all over the world believe in clean energy and there are good reasons for it. Global warming, limited fossil resources and growing concerns over energy security have all stimulated investments in solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, tidal, biomass, fuel cells and similar alternative energy sources. Some areas are already quite advanced, others are still in their infancy, but there is a general movement towards new and sustainable energy sources. INTIGREATOR has gained deep insight over the last 10 years into the renewable energy markets and technologies as well as their challenges and opportunities.
What's the big deal with Smart Cities?
Urbanization is one of the megatrends shaping the global economy. By 2030, two-thirds of humanity will live in cities. The urban population around the world grows by 180,000 people every day. This rapid population growth correllates to economic, social and environmental changes with global impact. The big deal about Smart Cities is that urban overcrowding will be inevitable if we don't start doing something about it today. INTIGREATOR supports involved parties by sketching out ideas, moderating between different opinions, linking global experts and sharing know-how.
Are Green Buildings a part of a Smart City concept?
Absolutely. The challenge is in creating a resource-efficient process throughout a building’s lifespan and life-cycle and that requires a close cooperation between all parties involved in the planning, construction and maintenance of a building. With the constant development of new technologies and the implementation of building automation systems, this field is wide open for further discussions.
What would mobility look like in 20 years?
It is difficult to give an answer to this question as, with the speed of technological advancements nowadays, 20 years is a very far projection. Would you have thought you would see e-bikes on the streets in USA or hybrid cars in Singapore back in 1993? With our experience in most of the mobility modes and infrastructure trends, we have a good understanding of the needs and options. Have you got a new idea? We are happy to discuss it with you.
Is Intermodal Mobility something for the future?
Intermodality, multimodality and sustainable mobility all have a common logic: combining several means of transport during the same journey, using different types of vehicles with the objective to make journeys smoother while reducing traffic congestion and carbon footprint. Is this something for the future? For some cities/countries, yes. For others, it's already reality. INTIGREATOR has rich experience in different areas of mobility and infrastructure to understand where a crossing of modes makes sense. But most importantly, we know how to bring across the message that to truly see the full value of intermodal mobility, we have to begin with (re)education.
Do you know anything about digital communications?
We know a lot about digital communications but we prefer to call it Digital Life. Internet, E-Mail, Social Media, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce, Big Data – our lives have changed and so has business. Digital Communication is not only about websites, social media or online advertising. It is about new opportunities to bring science into business and create new values for the mobile world. INTIGREATOR has a deep insight into the new fields of using mobile devices and big data in communication strategies. We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to experience the Digital Life.